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 April 5, 2018


 It took three years, working on it between several home remodeling projects (pesky little time consuming endeavors). Titled Dedicated to Cheese for No Reason, after one contributor's caption, I give you a recap (in rough snaps):


Here is the earliest stage that I documented, showing the original black and white drawings of the contributors at the 2015 retirement exhibition with tracings of things I planned to add, as well as various elements I planned to appliqué.



A later stage, where I began to color in the contributors' drawings (a better snap), and much of the hand appliqué is completed:

Here much of the quilting—and trapunto (stuffed work) and embroidery is done:

Quilting and embroidery nearly complete:


It's a raucous hodge podge that I resorted to in an attempt to exact some kind of unity. In so doing I think I have finally achieved excess. See the Gallery (Recent Work) for the final result and its Study.