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The 39th St Gallery location is wonderful—except when it comes to making the quilt sandwich, i.e., basting together the combined layers of the quilt top, the batting and the backing. Especially for a quilt this size, about 5 x 4 feet, it has to be stretched out on the the floor since I don't have a surface big enough, but not at 39th St--it needs to be spotless, and it can't be the concrete that exists there. To baste a sandwich together of this size means that I stretch out the backing face down to the floor and secure it with painter's tape, and the basting takes 10 to 15 hours. Concrete absorbs too much moisture for the tape to hold, and even if it could hold, there is the risk of mold. So I took everything home to my own studio.



I also began to realize that one way to tackle this jumble of words and doodles is... to color it in. Eureka! It's a coloring book! I hope none of the contributors mind. Think of it as a collaboration.