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August 17, 2016


So all I've been doing since the excellent Artist Residency is—remodel (and remodel) my one and only 60-year-old bathroom. The first guy I hired did do good plumbing, replacing ALL my plumbing in my little doll house, but things didn't work out so well after that. My neighbor, Dale, who helped me remodel my kitchen 6 years ago—and who I should've hired for this in the first place, stepped in and together we redid the work that needed to be done. Dale could only work parttime-evenings and weekends, but was plagued with injuries from his day job, and just as we were getting ready, finally, to put in the floor before installing the fixtures, he fell on the job and broke his foot. My heart goes out to all those hardworking tradespeople who get really beat up doing the work they do. Luckily for me the husband of an artist friend had just quit his construction job and was free to work immediately. And in one short week we had it finished, including the only creative work I've done since the end of my residency on Feb 28, a patchwork "quilt" tile floor. January 11 to minutes before my cataract surgery on August 8. I don't ever want to see blue tape again, nor set another tile.