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As I said, the bathroom (and all the house clean up) was completed minutes before my baby sister drove me off to get cataract surgery on my left eye, August 8. A week later my big sister drove me to get the other eye done yesterday, August 15. And because the doctor required that they each stay with me for 24 hours afterwards, I considered their generous help to be my birthday present.


For the first time in 56 years I could finally see my own face in the mirror without glasses. Too bad that cute little 12 year old didn't appreciate what she was losing. O well, all's well that ends well, no? And the colors! After the 1st eye was done, I could compare what was snow white to the dirty ivory the other eye saw. Ulp. Sure hope I didn't steer my last color theory students wrong. Doctor said that I got cataracts due to some steroid shots I had in 2012.


So, for now, I can see distances without glasses, though I may have to have glasses to correct for astigmatism in a few weeks.


And with my new readers


And this is what I'm supposed to wear when I sleep—super fly!