About Swatches

Making quilts takes a looooong time, and much as I savor the process, it's impossible to keep up with my ideas. So, between 2004 and 2005, I made tiny little, "pocket" quilts, Swatches, initially for the Art-o-Mat machines, but eventually to sell privately. It was a great way to crank through a lot of ideas quickly—1 to 3 hours each, compared to months and years. And I love the idea that people can sample my work inexpensively. I like to think of these little works as pages of a sketchbook. Altogether I made over 200 of them, each unique. A few are framed, but I also have iron-on kits, or can add an eyelet to allow the Swatch to hang on a keychain or necklace.


I promise I will figure out how you can purchase stuff through Paypal!